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The vivo X60 is a high-end smartphone and though it doesn’t have many features you’d expect from such a top-selling device these days (including Qi wireless charging, a super-high resolution screen and solid IP-ratios for water and dust protection), the X60 Pro+ actually makes up for them with what could very well be the most impressive camera set-up on a smartphone. With a professional, albeit slightly amateurish, approach, the phone manages to combine high-end specs with a user experience that’s slightly less than top-notch. In other words, the handset’s operation is easy to operate and offers a number of interesting alternatives when it comes to shooting photos and videos. Here are the best ways to buy the Vivo X60 Pro+. vivo x60

Let’s start with the camera itself, which is the rear-mounted type used for video stabilization. For some reason the vivo x60 pro has been left out of several major smartphone reviews due to the difficulty in accessing the internal processor. That said, it is still possible to do a lot of neat stuff with this phone – including taking quality photos and video, editing them and uploading them to social networks – if you have access to the right software. Fortunately, you do have this option, thanks to the presence of a dedicated App called vsnapshot. This nifty little app allows you to quickly move the camera and view your latest snaps in just one step.

Another useful addition to the vivo x60 is the in-built VoIP function. Although this function isn’t especially popular with consumers, it’s certainly useful for business owners looking to reduce phone bills and boost productivity. Basically, the feature works by allowing the Vivo X60 to act as a virtual pbx device, complete with call management features such as auto attendant, call transfer, hold, etc. When you get a call, simply press and hold the home key on the side of the phone for several seconds to dial the number. This is a particularly useful function when you’re in a meeting or simply don’t have enough time to talk on the phone.

If you’ve been looking at the other smartphones in the market, you’ll be aware of two things: the built-in camera system and the absence of a traditional cell phone handset. The camera on the vivo x60 is definitely one of the most impressive on any smartphone, let alone the premium ones. While other smartphones allow you to snap photos with a digital camera, the Idol 360 manages to take fantastic high-quality images. In fact, it even has the ability to make movies. The Vivo X60’s eight megapixel camera system will allow you to make high-quality videos, even if you’re just recording a video for your personal YouTube channel. Plus, if you want to take photos of your friends or family, the rear shooter has the right size and color resolution to help you capture the perfect shots.

One of the best things about this smartphone is that aside from the aforementioned eight megapixel camera, it also has a 1.2 Mega pixels camera module which offers you better quality than any of the others on the market. The lack of a flash means that image clarity is improved compared to the iPhone 11 pro and the iPhone 6s. If you want to take pictures in higher resolution, you can simply use the vivo x60 instead of the iPhone or Android phones.

In terms of performance, the two smartphones are comparable with regards to speed, memory and connectivity. They both also come preinstalled with Google Maps, so users can easily navigate while on the go. The Vivo X60 pro plus comes with a two year warranty and is available for a price of Rs15000 and up. While the budget version is priced at a lower price and is yet to make it to the United Kingdom.

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